Our Story

Ballet Taos represents the confluence of two creative minds, Megan Yackovich and CJ Bernal, who came together in the interest of pursuing their passions and enriching their community. Megan and CJ saw the necessity and opportunity to introduce relevant, immaculately produced works of dance to the Taos community. They felt compelled to share their knowledge of dance, accumulated over decades of training and practice, with budding artists in the Taos comunity.


With these goals in mind, CJ and Megan founded Ballet Taos and began work on our first production entitled, 'Mechanical Nature: Movement VII.' After the sweeping success of Ballet Taos' first show, Megan and CJ turned their attention toward founding a dance school that would offer training to young professionals and inspired beginners alike. 

Today Ballet Taos is at the forefront of dance education and performance, offering a variety of dance classes for all ages and continually working to create exceptional art. We look forward to a bright future of creation and rejuvenation in Taos and across Northern New Mexico.

Missions and Visions

-Proffer a wide range of enriching, educational, and cultural dance classes for children and adults of all levels within our community.

-Administer professional classical ballet and contemporary dance training to young, aspiring dancers who will need to be technically precise, rhythmically sound, artful and spirited in movement and to prepare them for a career in the professional dance world.

-Ensure the future of dance by granting merit and financial need based scholarships to promising students who are preparing for professional careers or acceptance to college dance programs at home and abroad.

-Provide critical stage performance experience for dancers with the educational goal for audiences of all ages to have insight into the training of dancers, the process of a full-length production, and the creation of classical and contemporary choreography.

-Nurture an environment conducive to the discovery and creation of innovative choreography that honors and reinforces the relevance of dance in modern society.