Ballet Taos


Ballet Taos is a 501c3 arts organization, fiscally sponsored by The Taos Arts Council, serving Northern New Mexico communities. Our company is three faceted; the professional company, the academy, and our outreach initiative, Project Relevé. Each facet supports, educates, and inspires the next. We use dance as an instrument to impress upon our students a sense of purpose, a lifelong love of learning, and a thoughtful, compassionate way of being. 

Our professional company promotes innovation, collaboration and diversity through original performance of classical and contemporary dance designed to move audiences. 

Our academy provides quality dance education rooted in classical tradition that prepares students for higher education or professional careers in dance and the arts. 

Our outreach program, Project Relevé, exists to ensure the future of dance in our community by instilling an appreciation for the arts through progressive initiatives in the public schools and classes open to all ages and abilities. 

With your support, we are a financially sustainable arts organization that will continue to fulfill our mission, and serve the communities of Northern New Mexico, respectfully.



Mission & Vision



  • Offering educational and culturally diverse classes that enrich dancers of all ages and abilities within our community.
  • Founding a training program for serious students that emphasizes technical precision, artistic refinement and prepares them for professional careers in dance.
  • Encouraging a smart work ethic in young dancers with a focus on mindfulness and well-being which results in career longevity.
  • Nurturing a collaborative space for dancers to discover innovative choreography that integrates all genres of art and establishes a positive relationship with our community.
  • Presenting dancers the opportunity to perform a diverse repertoire of classical and contemporary work created to challenge them and exhilarate audiences.
  • Giving insight into the creative process and joy of dance through progressive programs that promote and instill a love of the arts and reach the widest possible audience.
  • Granting financial need scholarships to promising dancers who embody artistic excellence, honor dance tradition, represent diversity and pioneer new concepts in choreography.