PROVIDING young, aspiring dancers with the professional training they need to be technically precise, rhythmically sound, as well as artful and spirited in movement.

CREATING a foundation based on focus, balance, and presence which aligns the dancer's body, mind and spirit toward health, wellness, injury prevention, and awareness.

NURTURING a collaborative environment for gifted, passionate dancers conducive to the discovery and creation of innovative choreography that integrates and embodies all genres of art.

OFFERING accomplished dancers opportunities to perform high-caliber, original contemporary work rooted in classical tradition that will enrich, educate, and inspire diverse audiences.

GIVING audiences insight into the discipline, preparation and poise of dancers with the educational goal to instill a life-long love of dance and the arts in our rural northern New Mexico communities.

GRANTING scholarships to promising dancers who advocate for excellence, honor dance tradition and pioneer new concepts to ensure the future of dance as an effective instrument for communication and positive change.